Honest Haloway

Performed in Sofar Washington D.C.

Honest Haloway is a band created by D.C.-based songwriter Tim Kratzer; whose unique and provocative sound was developed years before the inception of the first EP, The Towns. The feel of the music evokes a fast paced night filled with reverie and intrigue. The songs quickly unravel to showcase Kratzer’s haunting vocals, fused with layers of synth textures and nostalgic melodies. His muted tones gradually build and evolve into memorable intervals, creating visceral tracks that retain an ethereal, moody and, at times, a seductive atmosphere. It’s bedroom indie electronica at its prime. As he breathes life into these five powerful songs, it’s apparent that the artist behind the scenes has a refined ear for arrangement. Honest Haloway’s debut made an impression as striking electro-pop, elevating the aesthetic dimension of sounds to leave you wanting more. Kratzer returned from brief hiatus over the last year to write and record a collection of songs for their sophomore EP, titled Perigee, inspired in part by an exalting trip to the Icelandic countryside. Reminiscent of The Towns, the new songs stay true to the band’s unique feel, remaining rhythmic, alluring and catchy. Honest Haloway recruited Maryland native, drummer Charlie Karim as the band’s crucial second member. Karim’s stylistically diverse background made him an essential component to the band’s combustive and rich sound.

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Saturday, 18 December 2021
Washington, DC, US
DC9 Nightclub