Performed in Sofar Hong Kong

Heman Wong - Vocal, Guitar Ricky Wu - Guitar Him Hui - Keyboard Ray Sze - Bass Marco Leung - Drums 聲音,可以指由不同的頻率組成,亦可以指因不同的事件而形成。 The Hertz 樂隊成立於2018年,其歌曲﹑歌詞內容寫實。五位成員擅長不同音樂風格,卻有著相同理念,要透過音樂表達自己,化作語言,傳遞訊息。彷彿為「聲音」添上質感,令人感受到聲音的重量。 The audible world is made of the diverse spectrum of frequencies. These frequencies could as well represent various events. The Hertz, formed in the late 2018, is a band that combines the everyday reality with music. Each of the 5 members has very different fortes and interests in terms of music genres, which combined into the unique style of the band. The band is dedicated to express its beliefs and social values by turning such ideas into the basic unit of frequency and the universal language of music.

No videos are available yet for Hertz