Hannah Tolf

Performed in Sofar Oslo

Hannah Tolf - Engaging and inspiring jazz-pop The singer and composer from Gothenburg, Hannah creates music in the border between jazz, pop and improvisation, in the spirit of Patrick Watson, Nina Simone and Mercedes Sosa. Hannah composes the music in the magical border where innovation and imagination meet harmonics and voice. The commonality and humanity expressed in the lyrics are surrounded by a deep and delicate tonal world. She plays live with: Jonathan Albrektson: piano/synthesizer (Anna ran Hansen, Water Boogie System) Anna Lund: drums (Mariam the Believer, Marilyn Mazur) Donovan von Martens: bass (Malin Wättring 4, Lisen Rylander 4) The group has played and toured around the Nordic countries, France, Italy and Germany and will follow up their acclaimed debut album The Park with a second album, to be released 2020 on Havtorn Records.

Videos by Hannah Tolf