Granite to Glass

Performed in Sofar Boston, NYC and Washington D.C.

Brooklyn-based indie-folk ensemble Granite to Glass strives to envelop each audience in positive introspection with which to heal and reflect. With the core trio comprising Jon Kohen (songwriter), Jen Ho (violin), and Gavin Hsu (cello), the group performs anywhere from an intimate trio to an expanded 6-piece ensemble. Weaving Jon Kohen's arresting lyrics with vocal layering, ethereal and illustrative string arrangements, the group brings together each of their diverse artistic stories to seek fragility and hope in even the darkest and most unyielding places. Their single release ""Dusk | A Light"" is set to be released November 2019, and a self-titled album is set to be released Winter 2019.

No videos are available yet for Granite to Glass