Gianluca Montebuglio

Performed in Sofar Naples

Gianluca Montebuglio is at his debut solo. After playing in various projects and a small production under the name Polvere di Dover in 2010 with Welcome Home, a small label that has now disappeared, he decided to devote himself more than anything else to advertising, a sector in which he still works as creative director of a digital agency Neapolitan, Ribrain Studio. In these years he works, writes a theatrical show, puts aside ideas and shares the stage with James Senese, IOSONOUNCANE and Francesco Di Bella."E' tutto bellissimo", the ep released on May 15 with Octopus Records, is the collection of songs that Gianluca wrote for the show of the same name, given in recent years to Ivano Russo, actor and director with whom he brought in round. Five songs, five characters. All the characters, on the unstable edge of an earthquake, to tell each other. For this musical project, Gianluca worked with Lorenzo de Gennaro, who curated artistic production, co-arrangement, mixing and mastering."E' tutto bellissimo", was recorded between March and September '17, in the studio of Lorenzo and the Monopattino Recording Studio of Peppe De Angelis, in Sorrento. The launch video, of the song "Nel sonno di Paolo", is curated by Elio Di Pace, a young director from Salerno awarded at the Venice Film Festival '17 in the student category.

Videos by Gianluca Montebuglio