Frankie Animal

Performed in Sofar Tallinn

„Frankie Animal’s punchy guitar pop plays like a slap to the head. If you’re not in the mood for a night out, the Tallinn-based quartet might even issue a real one. Slinky, seductive, and ready for anything, this is exactly the pick up you need before getting down“ – MTV Iggy "The band's shows are truly an immersive experience, all chopped up songs, stage presence and killer lyrics" - Clash Magazine When the querky rawness of Jack White meets the delicacy of Feist and Jeff Buckley you get a certain something also known as Frankie Animal. Marie M. Vaigla (vocals/keys) Jonas Kaarnamets (guitar) Jan-Christopher Soovik (bass) Martin Petermann (drums)

Videos by Frankie Animal