Francesca Blanchard

Performed in Sofar NYC and Washington D.C.

Following an intense year of touring after the release of her debut full-length album, Francesca spent the first half of 2017 backpacking and trekking through North America’s West Coast and Ecuador. Having found solace in the mountains, Francesca’s musical identity shifted. She moved on from French-American folk, dove into more self-effacing, complex explorations of the human psyche, and started tapping into her acting background to more effectively illustrate both the grandiose and trivial nature of her favorite topic: Heartbreak (and what comes after). Re-defined production and a self-imparted responsibility to have a little more fun propel Blanchard in a fresh and unpredictable direction. Her revised approach has already led to new milestones. In October 2017, Francesca’s single “Free” was featured prominently in a pivotal closing scene on the ABC TV series Grey’s Anatomy. In January 2018, Francesca released her single “Maria,” a song she wrote for a benefit concert to aid Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. A love song "from the point of view of an island, to a woman named Maria,” proceeds from the single were donated to hurricane relief efforts. Francesca is currently finishing the production of her second album, which she plans to release in 2019.

Videos by Francesca Blanchard