Performed in Sofar Miami

Matt “Matteo” Racher and Carlos Larrauri began their musical endeavors roughly two years back, after discovering their shared life experiences and vast love for soulful music. As FogDog their music represents a voice each and every one of us has. It’s a voice that allows the light to shine through the darkest hours in our lives. As FogDog they hope their message resonates and spreads. The message is that every person matters; that each individual possesses an irreplaceable calling that can inspire others to grow and heal. “FogDog” looks at their music as medicine for the soul, with the purpose of instilling a sense of belonging in listeners. Matt and Carlos have shared their original music for the City of Hialeah Reel Minds film festival, mental health awareness events with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and local musical establishments such as Titanic and Vibe Tribe.

No videos are available yet for FogDog