Fish In A Birdcage

Performed in Sofar Victoria BC

Dustan Townsend is the young, illustrious and passionate musical virtuoso. Townsend is originally from Red Deer, AB and now resides in Victoria, BC. Townsend. Once he discovered the cello he decided that he wanted to be a musician exclusively and committed himself full time to his truly refined craft. His previous recorded work consists of an EP and a full-length album titled Through The Tides. Both bodies of work are remarkably strong, moving and innovative. His work on the cello is astoundingly precise and refreshing. His voice is moving and infused with evocative lyrics packed with heartache and reflections. His music is more than the sum of its parts; it’s a landscape of sound that is impossible not to be engulfed by. Townsend is working towards recording his third album; and his work is only getting stronger. Townsend is reinventing the cello while delivering an incredible vocal and lyrical panorama; he is definitely one to watch.

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