Performed in Sofar Berlin

Growing up in the middle of nowhere in the bavarian countryside he was longingly looking out for a place to go and make some music. So he moved to the german capital and since then he has been working as a pianist/ keyboarder/ writer for many well-known german artists catching lots of inspiration and making a living out of it. After his first two albums as „Fins“ („A Chapter Missing its Book“ and „Dreamer“ ) some of his songs like „Out of sight“ or „As long as you stay“ made their way to quite a lot of loyal fans and radio stations around, trendsetting TV shows and hot spotify playlists. His third and latest record „How Will Our Hero Get Out of This One?“ he produced all alone in his cosy flat during the months of winter and spring in the middle of vibrant Berlin city. He´s playing his black old upright, his synths and basses, inviting his favorite drummer friends and singing about the little heros which we´d like to take by the hand sometimes helping them out of the horns of dilemma.

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Friday, 02 October 2020
Maroochydore, QLD, Australia
The Solbar