Performed in Sofar Chicago

If you ask anybody who has been apart of Chicago's booming music scene who some of the best young artists in the city are, chances are that Femdot's name is brought up in everyone of those conversations. Although this wasn't always the case with the twenty two year old emcee, he has been making music for well over a decade and is beginning to see overwhelming amounts of support from his fans & friends alike, but the timing couldn't be any more perfect. Now that Femdot has graduated from DePaul University this past March, he is finally getting the time to pursue music solely, and the only other people happier than Fem about that is his growing fan base. He has received co-signs from platforms such as XXL, Lyrical Lemonade, Billboard & FakeShoreDrive, not to mention that he has been a Red Bull Sound Select artist for two years.

Videos by Femdot