Federico Foglia

Performed in Sofar St. Louis and San Francisco

"As a kid I was obsessed with all things music. Instruments, recordings, discography. You name it. In the late 1980´s when record stores in Italy were all converting to CD´s, I realized I could buy LP´s for about a buck. I began purchasing “records” with every spare coin I came across. Soon, I owned more than 500. I began playing keyboard or drums along side the recordings and without realizing it, taught myself to distinguish different instruments, vocals and styles. I started imaging different treatments to a song. Wondering how it might have played differently if only… By the time I joined my first band, I was able to really contribute to the arrangements and production of our music. I realized then, I had found both my passion and my talent in music. I thrived. I performed and when I wasn´t performing, I was producing the work of others. In 1998 the first Fenixlab was opened."

Videos by Federico Foglia