Singer-songwriter Evangeline Joy recently shortened her name for her music to Evie Joy because she feels it matches her music better, and she’s right. Evie Joy, a current Manhattan resident, plays her set with her ukulele Ed, a keyboard, and with no shoes on for a more grounded performance. She studied opera for 12 years but currently plays what she calls “ukulele rap” and has toured all across the globe, from London to Seattle and even on Caribbean Cruise Lines. Evie gets the crowd laughing alongside her by adding funny one liners in between verses. “There is a sadness in everything,” she says in regard to her comedy in her music, “but that’s where we should find humor.” She just released a new single and music video titled “Expiration Date” on November 2nd and is working on several new releases that are coming soon.

No videos are available yet for Evie Joy