Performed in Sofar Copenhagen

Morten Rune, Michell Smedegård Boysen, Christian Pedersen, Jonas Kardyb Ellie’s music is tugging at nostalgic strings that go way back in the traditions of music, yet with a soundscape that clearly wants to put the old virtues into a more modern context. Well-known bands and artists, such as The Band and Neil Young are absolutely represented in the musical conscience of all band-members and made a huge mark on their approach to music. Thus, the dynamic playing and the natural, organic sound are strongly emphasized and the songs vary from the gentle, etherial folk-ballad, to the pounding, soulful groove accompanied by fuzzy guitarsolos. The music, thereby, becomes a great melting-pot of genres and songs, based on the band’s honest melodies and lyrics. Morten Rune’s raw, yet gentle vocals, Jonas Kardyb and Christian Pedersen’s strong rythmic authority and Michell Boysen’s many instrumental additions on an array of various instruments, take the audience on a journey through both the painful and the thought-provoking, as well as the redeeming and the uplifting aspects of lyrics and music.

Videos by Ellie