Easy Wanderlings

Performed in Sofar Bombay, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR and Goa

Easy Wanderlings is a musical journal of their cherished memories, about soulful conversations, escapades into the majestic wilderness, and of the feelings felt when spending quiet evenings at home. Set off in mid-2015, their music is an amalgamation of ambient pop, soul, and folk. The music of Easy Wanderlings has become synonymous to a soulful experience. Red Bull Music rated as the "Top 10 Indie artists to watch in 2018". As a touring band, they have performed extensively across some of the country's finest and diverse spaces, from small intimate cafes, art galleries to Sofar Sessions, from venues like The Piano Man Jazz Club, Antisocial, Flea Bazaar Cafe, TaBlu, to big flea markets to major music festivals like Bacardi Nh7 Weekender, Vh1 Supersonic, Spoken Fest, Beantown Backyard.

Videos by Easy Wanderlings