Dru Cutler

Performed in Sofar NYC

Dru Cutler bought his first Fender guitar for a hundred bucks in a pawn shop in Tampa. He formed his first band, In the Red, when he was 14, along with three friends, including a moody narcoleptic drummer who pitched fits and fell asleep on his snare during rehearsals. They performed their first show to an audience of 10 in Cutler's driveway. His early musical diet consisted largely of punk rock influences (NOFX, Lagwagon), so it was no surprise to anyone when he smashed a black plastic Harmony guitar at the finale of his second show, which took place in a reconditioned auto repair shop. Nominated for the New York Innovative Theater (NYIT) Award for "Best Original Music" in 2011, Cutler conceived, produced, and edited his video "You and Me and the System," funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. He's performed at a range of venues including Avery Fisher Hall, and scored a film called Burgerlution, which was selected for the NYC Food Film Festival. Cutler lives in Brooklyn, in a sketchy section of Bushwick (is there any other kind?), composes for the new web series "Marriage & Other Tragedies," and studies with lauded songwriter Jeff Franzel. He has also worked as a trainer for both Apple and Amazon. Please don't ask him why you're iPhone's not working.

Videos by Dru Cutler