Performed in Sofar Jakarta

The word ‘Deredia’ is a combination of two vocabularies that originated from Flores language, Dere means to sing and Dia means melodious. Deredia regenerates the sounds that were once enjoyed by the wider community. Traditional pop with a touch of, jazz, rockabilly, ragtime, and dixie presented in their music. Inspired by "Les Paul and Mary Ford" duet, the band members took the initiative to form a band with a similar color to that sweet duet era. There are nine songs outlined in Deredia's debut album, "Bunga & Miles". Louise wrote unique themes with slightly poetic words selection in all the songs on this album. Some of them are "Fantasi Bunga", a song that tells a story about a beautiful woman who is not married all her life; "Sugabucks", which tells the greed of corrupt politicians; "Sir, Yes Sir" which represents the voice of depressed employees; also "Teman Seperjuangan" which brought Deredia to become one of the nominees at the biggest music awards in the country, Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards 2016. In addition to writing their original songs, Deredia also actively brought back oldies tunes on their youtube channel. "Hari Lebaran" is one video that managed to captivate hundreds of thousands of views. The existence of this channel at once proves that old tunes like "Nurlela", "Bersuka Ria" and "Ayam Den Lapeh" is still attached and missed by the music lovers. The band, known for their cheerful, attractive and theatrical stage attractions is in the process of producing their second album. The album is planned to have the theme of social conditions in the era of the 50s and was released on February 2018.

No videos are available yet for Deredia