Performed in Sofar Houston

A promising young talent emerging from Houston, DASHR is the electronic counterpart of songwriter Dash Speer. After his residency in London in 2013 his influence shifted to the groove of contemporary house music productions. DASHR is an uncommon sighting in Houston. He works relentlessly on harnessing a new sound to move prime time floors around the globe. Shaping musical influences from all over the world around bass driven beats, DASHR spits a new style of groove oriented, hip-hop influenced vocals on top blurring the line between genres. Backed by one of Houston's dopest visual artists The Eternal Artist (T.E.A.) and interdisciplinary multimedia art collective Urban Circus, DASHR is prepared to push music in new directions. DASHR is also spins psychedelic/dub with Christopher Morphis, live painter and spiritual leader. You can catch him at festivals across America with the Morphis Art Collective in a breathtaking live performance act incorporating projections, live painting, and psychedelic electronic experimentations.

No videos are available yet for DASHR