Classmate Journal

Classmate Journal is our home, a group with the trio format: Budie Tanzania (vocal & guitar), Bhisma Mahendra (electric guitar) and Randy Partrawijaya (percussion). We form Classmate Journal by 2013 because it realized that this friendship that brought us growing together, doing music together and work together. Beliefs and our penchant for music, eventually forming the group called Classmate Journal, took us to a place called Earhouse in Pamulang. Earhouse is cafe owned by Endah N Rhesa. We volunteered to play regular there with the aim to build a community and friendship. Finally the event lasted until now and never deserted visited customers. December 2013, we get a tremendous opportunity. Classmate Journal finally produced by Endah n Rhesa and we start to make lots of song.

No videos are available yet for Classmate Journal