Caroline Culver

Performed in Sofar Atlanta and Nashville

Using music to connect with others as well as herself has always been a passion and a means of understanding the world around Caroline. Her music takes you to a place of contemplation and self-reflection. Her ethereal persona and unique voice draw you in, enveloping you into her warm sound and profound lyrics. She reaches into her listeners’ hearts through her sheer honesty and raw hooks and phrases. That is Caroline’s goal. She wants her listeners to feel something¨ whether that something is characterized by pain, realization, love, nostalgia or any of the other myriad emotions we all feel throughout our lives. She understands music as not only a means of expression but a means by which people can be brought together in one common experience. That is why Caroline writes music. Through the relatability and vulnerability that she instills in her lyrics¨ she hopes to bring her listeners together through one listening experience, so that we can make this world a little smaller and a little brighter.

Videos by Caroline Culver