Caramè & Merime

Performed in Sofar Tallinn

CARAMÉ is a storyteller, lyrically capturing his experiences on the road, whilst reflecting the musical influences he has encountered and that have come to shape his soulful and eclectic sound. His name comes from the Kinyarwanda word “Karame”, that is a way to answer when someone that you respect a lot asks for your attention and calls your name. This is how he felt when music came knocking at his door and changed his life. Originally from Italy, he has travelled throughout the world, drawing inspiration from numerous continents and cultures, making people happy by sharing this passion with everybody he met along the way! FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ MERIME: With the multicultural influence of his native France combined with a healthy penchant for embarking upon the most bohemian of travels, Merime comes to town toting a richly embroidered musical pack, spilling out at the seams with mystical bits of gypsy swing, threaded through with shining essences of jazz, and bound together with a firm sense of humour and storytelling. With both original work and standards of French and European music revisited, Merime is happy to play his music anywhere, from the streets of Avignon, to the marketplaces of Copenhagen, and in every fine venue in between. No matter where he plays, he will bring warmth to the stage and a jig to your toes, bridging the gap between entertainer and audience by sharing his passion for music and story. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD:

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