Brady Oh

Performed in Sofar NYC and Boston

The world is at our fingers, unlimited entertainment, unlimited love, the ultimate duality of loneliness through pleasure. We are all on the edge, we are all searching for something, while surrounded by abundance, our jewels, the roof over our head. What is left to be found? What is left to be heard? What is the answer to our question, does it matter? Pop culture has always provided the lens through which we analyze the questions, the answers and the solutions to our love, loss and loneliness. Brady Oh & Producer Alex Britten solve these riddles for themselves through their songwriting and performance craft leaving others to interpret their words and emotions. The process of creation through art is entirely selfish - the creator has an intention, however it is up to those interpreters to give the final word. What is love? What is life? What is loneliness? Brady Oh & Alex Britten understand what these concepts mean to them. They invite you to discover what those concepts may mean to you. WolfHawk is the second collaborative release by Brady Oh and Producer Alex Britten - following 2016’s Dig On Me.

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