Performed in Sofar Miami

BLUEJAY is the new underground sound of Miami – a mix of indie, tribal, folk, and pop. The live shows are an enchanting romp; a well-balanced mix of pop hooks and compelling tribal cries from the depths of the spirit, all tied together by three-part vocal harmonies and the low singing lull of the cello. Bluejay will woo you and draw you into their paranormal world of goblins, sex, and horror, like entering a lucid dream. JAY THOMAS on guitar and vocals, OSCAR QUESADA on cello and vocals, and JOJO SUNSHINE on keys, vocals, and drums. Bluejay is currently performing in South Florida venues, playing new songs, as well as tunes from their albums GOBLINS (2010) and MERCURY (2012).

No videos are available yet for Bluejay