Performed in Sofar Madrid

Halfway between London and Madrid, Bifannah is the Spanish answer to the new Anglo-Saxon psych wave. Genuine lovers of the west coast pop sound, tropicalia and latin rhythms from the late seventies. “Maresia” (The John Colby Sect, 2017), their debut LP and a true descendant of the Nuggets school, put them in the front row of the European retro scene: they opened for Allah-Las and Mystic Braves and played at national and international festivals such as Atlantic Fest, MadCool, SXSW (Austin), Barcelona Psych Fest, Festival Marvin in México City and FIB Benicassim. ‘Danças Líquidas’, their sophomore album, means a change in Bifannah’s ‘mistura’, a new recipe where tropicalism and Latin rhythms take over from the more classic and evocative influences of their psychedelic garage West-Coast’s first LP. The album walks through different moods the group itself has passed through, leaving us reflections, lyrics about freedom, decisions, changes and their consequences; but also lyrics letters to love and debauchery. Influences of utopian surrealism or the use of automatic writing refer us lyrically to Caio Fernando Abreu, Bretón or Pessoa. ‘Danças Líquidas’ counts with the production and mixing of Frank Maston (Maston, Jacco Gardner, Paint), with the experience of Javier Ortiz in the technical section and with the mastering of Jasper Geluk (Altin Gün, L’Eclair ...). A 100% analog recording made in Estudios Brazil, with Guille, Antía, Pablo and Antón working in an unprecedented way for them. With all this ingredients the songs captured the vital moment of the group.

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Sunday, 27 September 2020
Valencia, Spain
L'horta Turia 2020