Performed in Sofar Athens

"Beraber" is the word for "together" in Turkish language. Is also used as a term for group improvisation, where one player blends with another, completes and enriches his phrases. Sofia Efklidou (cello) and Taxiarchis Georgoulis (oud and Yayli Tanbur), present compositions from the Eastern Mediterranean. Compositions From Turkey and Arabia, Cretan Syrta, as well as Armenian, Ajery and Greek composers from the 11th century, up to now. Also some of their own compositions based in those traditions. The Beraber duo has both the skill and the musicality available and ingenuity in new orchestrations of old material. Improvisation plays a key role in the sound of the duett as both musicians lay their creativity in the compositions played. Using the duet as a basis, they often collaborate with several other musitians.

Videos by Beraber