Performed in Sofar Dublin

BARQ are a high energy four-piece, shoving groove into the belly of the rock-beast and creating agro-soul. This is music to dance dangerously to. In March 2016, BARQ released their debut single “Gentle Kind of Lies” to critical acclaim and a surge of media attention. The track was picked up Spotify’s new music playlist in both the UK and Brazil, as well as being included on IASCA’s playirish USA, and two of Goldenplec’s Goldenstereo playlists. BARQ have been one of the most talked about bands in Ireland over the last 12 months, after wowing crowds at a number of leading festivals across the country. Lead singer, Jess Kav featured on the front cover of Ireland's premiere music-magazine, Hot Press and and in January they were featured in The Irish Times "Top Fifty To Watch in 2017". All live dates for the coming Summer can be found at :

Videos by Barq