bagdad brothers

Performed in Sofar Reykjavík

bagdad brothers are just over a year old but have made a bit of a splash in the reykjavík underground since first entering the local indie scene when their first mixtape was released independently last fall. having since joined the arts distribution collective post-dreifing, their second project "JÆJA." came out last april. the band is a self-declared pop act, mainly drawing influence from 70's and 80´s icelandic pop legends, notably magnús eiríksson. their lyrics´ themes range from over-the-top tacky love stories to smoking cigarettes in the summer time, but they commonly portray the conceivers' dreamy & idealist states of mind, which has led them to heartbreak and disappointment more often than they can count. their live shows have a reputation of being highly energetic and fun and they rarely fail to deliver.

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