Anthony Lucius

Performed in Sofar St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver and NYC

Anthony Lucius (Born Aug. 29, 1992), a new upcoming alternative hip-hop recording artist, producer, songwriter from E. St. Louis, Illinois. Emerging from lo-fi/jazz sound, a new bounce from traditional hip-hop, the music is promising. Being raised in his mother’s care in the suburbs of O’Fallon, Illinois and raised in E. St. Louis during summers with his father, Anthony saw two different environments which inspires him to the music he makes today. Currently working on his mixtape, Please Do Not Feed The Rappers, Anthony speaks to his city by inspirational influence, breaking barriers by expressing current life situations. Sighting sounds similar to Jazz, Funk & Hip-Hop. With influences from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, UGK, OutKast, Curren$y, Pretty Lights & countless others as his main influences for the music he creates today. Anthony reveals his passion through witty, conscious lyrics, soulful melodies and a realist mentality to create a sound that is promised to be heard across the world. Please Do Not Feed The Rappers will be released online, January 2016. “I’m predicting the waves they ride next”, Anthony Lucius, a new sound, solid musician, is hopeful to be a force in hip-hop that shows the generation that the black-sheep in society can be heard.

Videos by Anthony Lucius