Anjali Taneja

Performed in Sofar Washington D.C., NYC and Los Angeles

Listening to Anjali Taneja, a DC-based R&B singer/songwriter, it’s easy to hear how she seamlessly weaves soulful melodic elements with South Asian rhythmic influences. In an effort to tell her story as a child of immigrants through soundscaping, Anjali wields her powerful yet smooth voice over soulful beats sprinkled with melodies inspired by her Indian classical training. Having relentlessly listened to Motown and 80s R&B throughout her upbringing, Anjali combines old-school rhythmic feels with lyricism inspired by Sufi poetry. She recently released a song with acclaimed Punjabi singer Pav Dharia, and is celebrating the success of her single "Mood" reaching 200,000 Spotify streams with a 2020 Grammy after party celebration in Los Angeles. With a new EP around the corner, Anjali is a performer to watch for the new decade.

Videos by Anjali Taneja