Andi Stewart

Performed in Sofar Victoria BC

Canadian artist Andi Stewart brings a new feel to the indie folk genre with the release of her debut EP Jetlagged. Lush with edgy and soulful vocals, addictive progressions, and distinctive, emotionally-laden string transitions, the record takes the aesthetic of indie folk anthems into novel territory. Though the songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them all together much like a concept album would. Most importantly, the record never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from. Andi's first EP is filled with straightforward, honest lyrics, moving musical hooks, and string sections that grow in intensity as the songs breathe and build. Having a love for music since she was a little girl, Andi starting playing guitar at the age of 9. It was in her early teens that she began writing her own songs. By the time she was 18, she was playing open mics around her local Edmonton area and honing in on her overall special sound. Late in 2016, she decided to take it to the studio and record some of her own material. The Jetlagged EP is her debut studio release, capturing where she is at with her sound right now.

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