Alejandro y Maria Laura

Performed in Sofar NYC, San Francisco and Lima

Peruvian duo Alejandro y Maria Laura set forth on a musical journey together in 2009 that has led them to more than 20 cities in Latin America and the United States, participating in concerts and festivals. They have shared the stage with many artists, including Kevin Johansen from Argentina, Javier Barria from Chile, and Mexican artists Ampersan and Diana Gameros. They have produced two unforgettable albums (Paracaídas en 2011 and Fiesta para los Muertos en 2013) with heartfelt songs like Folclorcito or Jaula (recorded with Susana Baca), playful and bizarre songs like Pez Cachetón de China and outright antisocial songs like Quiero Estar Sola or Te Odio. Alejandro y Maria Laura are currently preparing for the release of their third album in Spring 2017. The new album was recorded in Lima, produced by Juanito el Cantor and features guest collaborations with La Lá and Perotá Chingó. They performed recently at the Día de los Muertos Festival at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles, and are on a US tour passing through New York, Philadelphia, Portland amongst other cities.

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Thursday, 07 October 2021
Mexico City, Mexico
Foro Del Tejedor