A.G. Sully

Performed in Sofar Nashville and Atlanta

To say the 22-year-old has a background in RnB and gospel would be a stretch, as she grew up in a conservative, small town home in Alabama. ALLY discovered her love for all things “soul” after spending two years at Middle Tennessee State University. She quickly crafted her own sound while drawing inspiration from artists such as Daniel Caesar, D’Angelo, and Frank Ocean, finally introducing herself in June of 2018 with the release of “Lil Mama”—what grew into a local RnB/funk anthem for the young Nashville scene, reaching 200k streams organically. It can be difficult to use the word “unique” when describing an artist in a city that is overflowing with music, but A.G. Sully has created her own lane of rnb/soul, with focus on sultry vocals and a singer-songwriter backbone.

Videos by A.G. Sully