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Maybe Goodbye (Peut-être, Adieu)

by Ubare (유발이)

Ubare performing "Maybe Goodbye (Peut-être, Adieu)" at Sofar Seoul on April 25th, 2015
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(Sofar Sounds Seoul, Show #1652)

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Artist: Ubare

Produced by: Sofar Korea

Filmed by: AIDEM

Audio by: B.Lab

Supported by : AirBnB, SAMA Sounds & RaonPTM

Sofar Sounds partnered with Airbnb to look for local Sofar hosts. As Airbnb hosts are already welcoming strangers into their private spaces, Sofar believed they would be willing to become Sofar hosts as well. In April, two organizations together hosted a Sofar Sounds X Airbnb gig, 'A day trip in Seoul,' at one of the Airbnb listings in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul. The hosts told Sofar that they mingle with travelers from all around the world almost every day, and therefore feel as if they are traveling the world in their living room. At this meaningful place, the Sofar team, guests and hosts spent a day in Seoul enjoying live music, sharing food and drinks and sharing each other's travel stories and tips. Airbnb distributed travel swags and two $100 vouchers to the Sofar guests.


Seoul 25th April 2015