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Transformation (Samkramanam)

by The Salim Nair Band

The Salim Nair Band performing "Transformation (Samkramanam)" at Sofar Chennai on October 21st, 2017
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Artist: The Salim Nair Band


Filmed by: Nirav Chidambaran & Preet Murthy

Edited by: Nirav Chidambaran

Audio by: Radioaktiv Enterprises

Transformation (സംക്രമണം), a tone poem.
Inspired by a poem by Attoor Ravivarma.

There's a carcass of a women inside me,
rotting, putrid,
I hold my nose,
But everyone moves away from me

The ocean never rumbled in her ears,
Waves never crested

Eyes, to just shut late at the night,
Lips, edges of a silent wound
No stars ever sleep after her,
And no suns ever rise before

She walks a thousand miles
To stay where she started,
Straighten her back a thousand times
To crumble down to ground
Thousands trampled on her chest
And still not awake

A body, a waning broom,
a dirty rag,
deformed plate.
A block of mud.

Now, l take her apart,
Like dismantling a delicate machine,
Give her soul to a man-eater tiger,
Her tongue to a fierce wolf,
A wildfire that engulf cities and towns, her hunger
A bloody evening oozing pus, her revenge,
Burning sun, morbid sky,
I take her martyrdom""

Chennai 21st October 2017

Sofar Chennai

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