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Rock Climbing in Manang

by Slime Baff Toilet Surprise

Slime Baff Toilet Surprise performing "Rock Climbing in Manang" at Sofar Kathmandu on 12 September 2018
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Artist: Slime Baff Toilet Surprise


Filmed by: Aman Karna, Prajwal Bhattarai, Ked Rite
Edited by: Ked Rite
Audio by: Nikesh Shakya

The three of us in Slime Baff Toilet Surprise met at the climbing gym & we bouldered & climbed & discovered that we also shared another passion: music. We decided to just do this band even though we knew the keyboardist was leaving the country soon. Life's too short to say no to a chance to create with like minded friends.

A special book resounds throughout the whole process of writing these songs; a book that was discovered walking into a tiny bookstore in the mountains on one of the Annapurna trails: 'Women Who Run with the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. And there was a muse.

We hope to continue to inspire d.i.y punk in all genres, conspire against the machine and keep creating so that we do not drown & loose sense of ourselves as doomsday, capitalism & mainstream media would like us to. Remember who you are. Keep on rockin' in the not so free world.

Slime Baff Toilet Surprise are: S.Rai (guitar/voc), Maya Bahadur (bass), Shreesti Momo Arigato Oikawa Shrestha (keyboards).

This particular song was written in memory of a beautiful climbing & bolting trip to Manang in 2017, hence its title 'Rock Climbing in Manang'.

You can find our full d.i.y punk EP release (2018) on our Ris Records' site, complete with lyrics. The album of 6 songs is entitled ""I'll Run With You"". A vinyl release is coming out shortly on Ris & Riot Records (a collaboration with Kathmandu & Hannover punk record labels).

Kathmandu 12th September 2018

Sofar Kathmandu

Attend a Sofar