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Des barricades comme des montagnes

by Sauf les drones

Sauf les drones performing "Des barricades comme des montagnes " at Sofar Montreal on 13 December 2018
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Artist: https://www.facebook.com/Sauf-les-drones-246914539209765/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtWv8tRzGDIYeMQM1M70B5Q

Filmed by: "Liana : https://www.lianatheghost.com/
Lashan : https://lashan.co/
Maxime Girard : https://maxsgirard.com
Maximilien Rolland : https://www.youtube.com/maximilienrolland"

Edited by: Maximilien Rolland - https://www.youtube.com/maximilienrolland

Audio by: Jonathan Chouinard - https://soundcloud.com/octophasis

"Host : Trinidad Studio - https://www.facebook.com/trinidadstudio/
Sound recording : https://musitechnic.com/
Scenography : Juan Mateo Barrera Gonzalez
Decor: Le Grand Costumier - https://grandcostumier.com/
Fous de l'île Kombucha - https://fousdelile.com/en/
Omnivore - https://www.facebook.com/omnivoregrill/"

Montréal 13th December 2018