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But It’s Us Tho

by Pants Velour

Pants Velour performing “But It’s Us Tho” at Sofar New York on March 19th, 2016. We put on more than 10 shows every month in New York, see upcoming dates and sign-up for tickets here: http://bit.ly/JoinSofar

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(Sofar Sounds New York, Show #3008)

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Artist: Pants Velour

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Filmed by: Tim Toda, Matt Goldman, and Billy Duprey

Edited by: Tim Toda

Audio by: Andrew Campbell

But It's Us Tho
By Pants Velour

Verse 1 [Raffsputin]
I'm a fucking beast sometimes did you know that/ put up 20-bars in the car with a Lo-Jack/ out there with my dogs being pig like Kojack/ old school taking dick picks with a Kodak/ college senior year working out the freshman/ take ‘em for a drink at the bar after section/ 7 years so much more than sustained/ Harlem headquarters top down in the Mustang/ hustling bustling lusting crushing/ jingle on TV singing it with gusto/ wanna shake that band’s hand but it's us tho/

But it’s us tho
Who that is?
But it’s us tho

Verse 2 [Raffsputin]
I'm a fucking mess sometimes did you know this/ got an eye twitch caused by stress and neuroses/ lunch with the homies serving bottomless mimosas/ freaking out if I can't get a date with the hostess/ bottomless mimosa why yo’ bottoms on/ take a sip bottoms up now the panties gone/ oh really holler from Philly/ dropping some shade make a bitch chilly/ as soon as she be liking me well I'm onto the next one/ never showing love never show affection/ talking up the group with fresh beats and a plus flow/ wonder who that is but it's us tho/


Verse 3 [Eli]
She said that’s so us that’s so that’s so us/ riding in that booty like the back seat of the bus/ hit the G-spot got her screaming out bingo/ juices dripping down the chin fucking up some mangos/ that’s just our lingo/ how the saying go/ ask if I could dance well it takes two to tango/ eat her out before I leave hate to dine and dash/ I’m on fire all up in that ash/

Verse 4 [Niki Darling]
Remember me bitch I’m the one you caught last year/ I was with your man while your pussy got a Papsmear/ I got that real shit the navy seal shit/ you look for dick on a first grade field trip/ make a n---ga come fast like the Autobahn/ 2-second skeet skeet like a water gun/ make a n----a spend cash like a stock broker/ all to watch me squirt like a super soaker/ keep you ratchet bitches outside my purview/ talking chicken heads talking Purdue/ talking Niki D straight crush mode/ talking PV but it's us tho

NYC 10th December 2016

Sofar NYC

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