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Musica Moralia - Not Elephants

by Musica Moralia

Bringing the magic back to live music.

musica moralia’s (Eda Meggyeshazi) music bears a distinct atmosphere; a creation in the experimental, post-folk sphere. In her own words she plays silent noise, sometimes on the dulcimer, sometimes on the piano. She started composing on a two-stringed guitar and on the piano, then later on moved on to the cello, in the meantime she feels unexplainably drawn towards 80’s analogue syths. She has been in the music scene for more than ten years in Hungary, often in Germany or the Netherlands. In 2012 she self-released her first EP, entitled Tooth and Teeth. In 2016 Normafa Records launched her debut LP with the title hell is Coming Home which is an intimate and highly personal album consisting of song written and performed on the dulcimer, piano, and electric-organ.
At the moment musica moralia is working on her second LP, now as a trio: to the album two member of Jazzékiel will contribute, namely, Peter Jakab (bass) and Aron Hegyi (drums). Since 2016 musica moralia is signed to Klinik Records.

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14th June 2017