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I Chant

by Kintsugi

Kintsugi performing "I Chant" at Sofar Prague on January 20, 2019
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Artist: Kintsugi


Filmed by: Alex Veremeyenko
Edited by: Lukáš Kostka
Audio by: Gokhan Aydogan
#sofarsounds #SofarSounds #sofarsoundslive #sofar
So many words
So many misunderstandings
So many stories
Fewer endings
And I know which one I want
Therefore I chant
In the middle of this aridity
Where we take it too personally
Ending up in misery
And a deep torpidity
I just want to make you see
How life might be
How easily we are silly
To swiftly give up tranquillity
Too hastily decree
The extent of our resiliency
What is probably the biggest danger
Is living with yourself like a total stranger
Ignoring the soul
We'll pay a high toll
Yet if we seek a change
We must rearrange
Our habit to be dumb
And to numb
And I know few things we want
Therefore I chant
In the middle of this bigotry
Where we take it too literally
Mistake notions 'n imagery
And succumb
And I know few things we want
Therefore I chant
Discover what's real
And some way to feel
Who we want to become
How to overcome
The dead weight of the ideal
How to heal

#sofarsounds #sofarsoundslive #sofar

Prague 20th January 2019

Sofar Prague

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