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Hembra - Dulce movimiento | Sofar La Plata

by Hembra

"Hembra performing "Dulce movimiento" at Sofar La Plata on Junio 10, 2018
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Artist: Hembra


Filmed by: Alejandro Calonje https://www.instagram.com/alecalonje/
Jorge Uribe https://www.facebook.com/nativadigita...
Nico Gimenez https://www.facebook.com/producciones...

Edited by: Alejandro Calonje https://www.instagram.com/larompiente...
Audio by: Pablo Formica https://www.instagram.com/tangoformic...

Flyer: Bruno Manca https://www.instagram.com/_.elindivid...
Muestra afiches: Marte https://www.instagram.com/marte_______/
Foto Fija: Caro Marien Dias https://www.instagram.com/caromarien/
Equipo de Producción:
Melisa Sanchez Fornaso https://www.instagram.com/melisanchez...
Juan Ignacio Cardinali https://www.instagram.com/cardinalijuan/
Sole Rios https://www.instagram.com/chica.libra88/
Lucas Martín: https://www.instagram.com/_lucas.martin/
Espirituosas: Viejo Puente https://www.instagram.com/viejo_puente/

10th June 2018