Sofar Sounds Global Artist Fund

The Sofar artist community is home to thousands of independent artists around the world who are deeply involved with their local music scenes and rely heavily on income from live performance. Without being able to play shows, these artists are facing an unprecedented time of disruption and uncertainty.

On March 13, because of COVID-19, we canceled upcoming shows for 3,000 artists in hundreds of cities across six continents. We know how much Sofar artists rely on the money from these performances, so we have advanced each artist’s full payment for their canceled show. We hope it helps in some small way.

It can be difficult to know how to best help people directly during this time. After talking to many artists in our community that have been affected, we’ve established a global artist fund to support Sofar Sounds musicians around the world.

Donate to the Sofar Sounds Global Artist Fund

We’re raising $250,000 for Sofar artists whose livelihood has been affected by COVID-19. 100% of proceeds go directly to them.

Here’s how the Sofar Global Artist Fund will work

100% of proceeds of the fund will go to artists who make the majority of their living by actively playing shows, using frequency of Sofar shows as an indicator of artists that historically rely the most on gigs like Sofar for live performance income. It will provide direct financial support to these local, independent artists by allocating grants of $250 each. Relevant artists will be contacted with an update on funds raised and any further details by the end of April.

The fund’s initial goal is to raise $250,000 to help 1,000 artists, but the more money the fund raises, the more artists will receive support.

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