As Sofar returns to live shows, the safety of guests, hosts, and artists is our priority. For the latest information, review our COVID-19 guidelines

Get Closer Online

Intimate online concerts connecting you with tomorrow’s greatest artists

There’s no feeling like an I-just-saw-the-best-artist feeling.

In-person shows may be on pause, but the magic of live music has never been more important. That's why we're excited to bring you a new concert series, Get Closer Online, where you can get up close and personal with artists who are shaping the future of music. Get to know up-and-coming artists before they’re topping the charts with stripped-down performances and exclusive Q+A sessions— all in a small zoom setting surrounded by music-lovers like yourself.

Enjoy high quality production

Our team of experienced producers and energetic MCs are ready to bring you a personal concert that doesn’t feel like every other Zoom event.

Discover the world's next favorite artists

Get to know tomorrow’s biggest names in music in an intimate online setting where you’ll learn about their music journey, ask questions, and hear all-new songs that haven’t been streamed yet.

Support emerging artists

Emerging artists need our support to be able to continue to make the music that brings us all together. When you buy a ticket to the show, you help make space for the future of independent music.

Upcoming Get Closer Online Events

A new way to Get Closer to the music

One artist, one MC, and a Zoom full of music-lovers.

Limited Zoom Concert

Tickets are limited to create an intimate environment where everyone has a front row seat. We send you a Zoom link beforehand and you turn your screen on at showtime! (Pro tip: pre-show happy hours are encouraged!)

Connect with the artist

This isn’t your average concert. Get closer to the artist through an interactive Q+A session, never-before heard songs, and maybe even an after party appearance.

High quality production from start to finish

The quality of an IRL concert is coming to your living room. Our experienced team of producers and MCs work to bring livestream shows new life.

A growing network of emerging artists

Nothing beats seeing a big-name artist before they’re, well, big. When you get to know our diverse network of talented artists, you’re getting to know tomorrow’s biggest names in music. Take a look at some of the Sofar alums who’ve gone on to be nominated for Grammys, sell out stadiums, and yes, invoke lots of jealousy from everyone who didn’t discover them at a Sofar show.

What fans are saying about virtual experiences at Sofar



"Feels like the lockdown is over, like I've stepped out of home today. Thanks for singing. It was beautiful."

Rahul Morya, Listening Room Fan