Sofar Sounds safety standards

Keeping our community safe

We know we’re not alone in how much we’ve missed live music, and we’re thrilled to be back.

The safety of our community remains our top priority. We’ve been hard at work updating our shows to better protect all of our guests, artists, hosts and team members at every Sofar show around the world. 

We’re confident in our new health and safety measures, but as shows resume, our policies and practices may continue to develop. The latest information from us will always be available here.

Knowing when we're ready

Alongside local government regulations for events and gatherings, each Sofar city will go through a rigorous multi-step process to assess their readiness to begin hosting shows. We won’t host in-person shows unless we’re confident it’s safe to do so.

COVID-19 safety standards: what to expect

Some policies may vary by country, please refer to your show confirmation emails for any exceptions.

Same venues, smaller crowds

Sofar will still happen in unique spaces, but we’ll reduce the capacity to make sure that everyone has ample space to enjoy the show while maintaining a safe social distance.

Space for incredible performances

Stages will be set up at least 4m/14ft away from the audience to ensure artists have enough room to perform.

Teams focused on your safety

Our event team will be dedicated to keeping everyone safe from beginning to end, whether that means managing the entry queue, or the MC walking you through venue policies.

We collect the contact details of everyone in your group so that we can get in touch if we need to.

Masks are required at all times for teams, hosts and guests, whether indoors or outdoors. Artists are required to wear a mask when not on stage.

Venues have hand washing stations, or hand sanitizer will be available for everyone.

We sanitize high touch surfaces before and throughout the show with disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19.

When hosting indoors, all available doors and windows are kept open to improve ventilation throughout the show.

We only host in venues that can accommodate at least a 2m/6ft distance between everyone present.

Safety standards | FAQs

Some policies may vary by country, please refer to your show confirmation emails for any exceptions.

Are face coverings required? 

Yes. Guests, along with the host and event teams, will be required to wear a face covering at shows. Artists will be required to wear a mask when they’re not performing. 

Can I bring food or drinks?

Most shows will continue to be BYOB, and the policy will be indicated on an individual event page. For BYOB events, please bring your own cups and bottle openers, and refrain from sharing with other guests. We ask that you wear your mask whenever you're not drinking. 

How many people should I expect at the show? 

We’ve implemented some changes to venue requirements to better ensure the safety of all involved, and will not book venues that do not adhere to local restrictions for events and gatherings. Because Sofars happen in all kinds of venues, we’re not able to confirm the exact capacity for shows overall, but you can always get in touch for more specific details about a show you’re planning to attend. 


Find more FAQs below, or you can always get in touch with us here.