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Sofar Nashville

Friday, March 27th

Friday, March 27th, $16

A secret location in Germantown,Nashville.

Friday, March 27th. Arrival time: 7:30pm - 8:00pm. Ends: 10:30pm

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Sofar event description

This show will be co-curated by TONS. The Other Nashville Society is a community organization dedicated to the non-country sides of Music City. From pop to rock to hip-hop, TONS brings them together. Since launching in May of 2017, TONS has quickly become the go-to organization for non-Country music creators and industry professionals in Nashville. With hundreds members representing every major music company and GRAMMY Award-winning creators alike, TONS Mixers have built a reputation of being can't miss events featuring the "who's who" of the Nashville scene.

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Welcome to Sofar!

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What is a Sofar?

A Sofar will typically feature three acts, with no opener or headliner. Each lineup is carefully curated to give audiences a diverse show and artists equal attention. We request that guests arrive on time for the first act and stay through the entirety of the show. During the sets, we ask guests to refrain from talking or texting.

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Sofar Sounds FAQ

  • How do I get tickets?

    You can come to a show by requesting tickets, which will put your name into a draw. If you are selected from the draw, you will then be prompted to purchase your tickets. You will then be able to purchase up to 10 tickets depending on the show.

  • Can I bring additional guests?

    Yes! In fact, you can now bring up to nine friends along. You will be purchasing a ticket per person, meaning it will be $16 for one person, $32 for two, and $48 for three.

Fri, 27th March, Germantown, Nashville