Your Sofar Love Stories

Your Sofar Love Stories
People of SofarFebruary 13, 2020

We’ll take any excuse to celebrate your Sofar love stories, especially around Valentine’s Day. Something about the twinkling lights, unexpected venues and jaw-dropping performances has paved the way for audience members and artists alike to fall in love. Today, we’re shining a light on a handful of the couples who have met, proposed, reconnected or fallen head over heels at a Sofar show.

Crissy + Stevie | Sofar Seattle

"Stevie and I met in Portland at a local pub. We always joke and say we met "IRL" because it doesn't seem like many people just start chattin’ it up with strangers in person anymore, but we did and hit it off right away! She asked me for my number and, well, you can guess the rest. Music is a huge part of our lives and we had heard of Sofar Sounds while we lived in Portland but never had a chance to make it to a show.

When we moved to Seattle in 2019, Stevie and I decided a Sofar show in Seattle would be a great date night. I was already planning on proposing to Stevie sometime in January and thought, “I wonder if I email Sofar Seattle and ask them for their recommendation for the most romantic show in January if I'd get any help?” and damn did they come through! The team was super excited to help with all of the scheming and suggested the perfect show! Since we were already planning a "date night" to a Sofar show, Stevie had NO idea. It was perfect.

The funny part was the Sofar team and I were trying to scheme how best to get me up on stage. After running through a few ideas we landed on the MC asking the crowd for signature dance moves. I knew this would work because almost everyone who knows me has seen me do the robot. When the MC asked if anyone would like to demonstrate, Stevie lifted my hand to volunteer for me.

It couldn’t have been better! After the proposal, she still insisted that I do the robot anyway."

Crissy proposing to Stevie at a Sofar show in Seattle.

Jehieli + Carlos | Sofar Chicago

"A few months ago I moved from Mexico to Connecticut for a new job. My boyfriend, Carlos, still lives in Mexico and has been loving and supportive the entire time. Long distance relationships are hard, but we‘ve worked to stay together despite the circumstances and in the beginning of February we made plans to see each other in Chicago for a few days.

I had been to a Sofar show in NYC before so I decided to get us tickets for one in Chicago. We went the same night we arrived in the city. After all that time without seeing each other, it felt weird to be physically together again, but music has always been something that brings us closer. He's more into playing and I’m more into singing, but we both love music. We have very different tastes, but there are some things we have in common — Sofar Sounds was exactly that! From the moment we arrived, we felt that special Sofar vibe that we love. The three artists were great, the place was really cool, we got nice spots to sit and the night was just perfect! After months apart, we were able to reconnect in a cool environment, in a beautiful city with great music. It’s a night that we definitely won’t forget."

Jehieli and Carlos attending a Sofar show in Chicago

Audrey + Gabi | Sofar NYC

Audrey and Gabi found love on a first date at a Sofar NYC show, where they saw Kate Yeager perform. That night, one of Kate’s songs from the set became their “song” and the couple has followed the artist closely ever since. Fast forward to this month when one of them reached out to Kate to plan their proposal to their song at another Sofar show in NYC. Talk about full circle!

Audrey and Gabi at a Sofar in NYC

Cloé + Elise | Sofar Paris

"My girlfriend Elise and I confessed our feelings for one another while on a trip in Sweden and then didn't get to see each other for a month. We found our way back to each other in Paris. She asked me on a date and on September 9th 2019, we had our very first date at Bliss Studio for a Sofar Sounds experience. To this day we are still together and we keep fond memories of our date. Thanks Sofar!"

Feeling butterflies of your own? You’re not alone. Stoke those warm, fuzzy feels at an upcoming Sofar show near you! Apply for tickets this Valentine’s Day and every day.

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