Meet Mexico City Leader Ariana

Meet Mexico City Leader Ariana
March 19, 2021

Women’s History Month, and every month, we’re honored to have incredible, diverse, and talented women-identifying artists, crew members, staff members, community partners, and city leaders in the Sofar community. Today, we’re shining a light on Ariana, who started the Sofar team in Mexico City and is one of Sofar’s longest standing city leaders. Ariana reflected on Women’s History Month by thinking of how her mother and older sister have shaped her- although her musical inspirations leaned a little more punk rock.

“Back in 2011, I was in London and a friend of mine showed me a video of the Bastille Sofar show and it was amazing. He told me that he hosted a show in Madrid. I thought it sounded really interesting. I love music and at the time I was working at the time as a DJ and a lawyer. I came back to Mexico and told everyone about it and asked my friends if they would like to start it here. I had a quick chat with Rafe and basically started from scratch.”

Her favorite show to date was a burlesque Sofar show, where afterward the audience chanted for an encore. “Sofar humbles you by having you sit on the floor and bring your own beer and wine. It was a game changer— it wasn’t about being cool but about connecting.”

“Music right now is more about experience, that’s why I miss Sofar so much.” This isn’t Mexico City’s first time cancelling shows. Four years ago, the city weathered a devastating earthquake that postponed their Amnesty International show. Ariana describes how it felt to finally host that show. “Everyone felt so relieved to be together and alive because it was really depressing but it was also something that united people a lot because everyone was helping. The vibe of that show was amazing.”

We’re looking forward to hosting more shows again one day with Ariana and the Mexico City community!