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Why Your Next Fundraiser Should Be A Private Virtual Concert

Why Your Next Fundraiser Should Be A Private Virtual Concert
May 6, 2021

The new virtual world we live in has presented its fair share of challenges to the way we work, gather, and connect. It’s also added some obstacles to the way nonprofits and social entrepreneurship raise the funds needed to do important work. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have one thing that works real magic — music!

We’ve always believed in creating space where music matters, and now our Private Virtual Concerts are working to connect remote work teams, celebrate company milestones and launches, and fundraise for nonprofits. Looking for ways to make your next virtual fundraiser a success? Check out our list of seven ways Private Virtual Concerts can help your non-profit.

Increases turnout

Let’s face it, after more than a year of virtual events, Zoom fatigue is real. It’s hard to keep people engaged online. Private Virtual Concerts offer a fresh and exciting way to entice people to buy tickets and attend virtual fundraisers.

Increases donations

The truth is, people are more likely to give money when they believe in something and when they’re enjoying themselves. With private virtual concerts you cover the elevator pitch and we take care of the show. Plus, our experienced MCs will be prompting donations throughout the show!

Boosts engagement

Speaking of our MCs — our team of talented hosts are trained and equipped to encourage the conversation and connections that make donations not just easy, but organic.

Supports independent artists

The music business has been turned upside down and artists have been affected in a profound way. One of the things we’re most proud of is our growing artist network featuring a diverse and global pool of talented artists. These concerts give artists a platform and an audience while introducing their music to new, potential fans.

They’re unique!

As music-lovers, we know there’s nothing like live music. Experiencing a live, curated show with your supporters is a fantastic opportunity to foster the connections that make donations possible. Music is proven to boost endorphins and relax the listener, leaving your audience feeling inspired and motivated.

Learn more about our private virtual concerts in the video below and get in touch with our team to schedule one for your next fundraiser!