What the Sofar Team Learned This Year

What the Sofar Team Learned This Year
December 22, 2020

We can probably all agree that 2020 was a hard year. (Like, really hard.) As we put this crazy year behind us, we asked the Sofar team to reflect on all the lessons they’ve learned since last New Year. Their answers are real, raw, and oh-so relatable. Check it out!

I learned to appreciate the beauty in the simple things — how to hold gratitude not just for the big stuff, but for every small moment (the color of the flowers, the breath of fresh air, the neighbor’s wave). I learned how to be a little gentler with myself, and re-learned how to be curious again! And like everyone, I learned to make banana bread.

—Maddie, NYC

I learned that it can be okay to sit with, even linger in, uncertainty. There has been a lot of that in 2020, so the lesson has been to relax and focus on simple appreciations rather than stress and try to force a plan when the horizon is so foggy.

Also, I was validated in a lesson I learned as a toddler: cover your sneeze.

—Jason, NYC

In 2020 I learned how to be adaptable and grateful. My abundance came from my ability to receive and know that everything, no matter how good or bad, is temporary. I'm comforted in the fact that on the other side of change is transformation.

—Jenn, Los Angeles

I spent a lot of time working on my guitar wiring knowledge and soldering skills this year. I'm still not great at either, but I have two completed Fender Jaguar-esque builds from curated parts to show for it. From a purely aesthetic perspective, I'm most proud of figuring out how to cut a pickguard from 1953 Massachusetts tow truck license plate.

—Stephen, Boston

What did I learn this year? It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that, well, the year is almost over. Either way, I think I learned what most of us did: there is nothing more valuable than time. Where we spend it, and who we spend it with. I learned just how important those closest to me are, and how much I yearned to be with them. But I learnt to accept those moments will return in due time, and, in the meantime, we should spend this sacred currency ensuring we show everyone we care about them, support them, and respect their safety and wellbeing. Most of all though, I think, in this mess of a year, I learned just how much I love her. "There Will Be Time". I think about that song a lot these days.

—Vishwas, NYC

This year I learned how important live music is to me, and how restorative it is specifically. Having something you love taken away from you helps you to fully appreciate and understand what it is exactly you love about it. Will make me cherish future shows even more.

—Ryan, London

This year I learned the joy of slowing down. Was a worldwide pandemic the impetus I'd have chosen? Ha! But I have appreciated what I've gained by not being on the move and scheduled all the time. I've learned to cook new things, organized my apartment in ways I'd never have gotten around to. I miss people I couldn't spend time with, but certain friendships have gotten stronger. Most of all I've spent way more time with my husband and one yr old than I ever, ever would have been able to otherwise. I've seen every playground in a 5-mile radius and that's been perfect.

Oh, I also learned to cross stitch after getting a kit off Etsy, so I feel a bit more creative/productive while binge-watching all of Netflix.

—Erica, Boston

The biggest lesson I learned this year is that no matter how big or how small I perceive them to be, everyone's struggles hurt just the same. I spent a lot of time telling myself that things weren't as bad for me as they might have been for others. When I finally started to give myself grace and feel what I wanted to feel, I was able to move past things easier and focus on the comeback. 2020 was all about reminding myself that it's ok to fall apart even when it seemed like I should've had it all together. Self love, baby. Self love!

—Danae, NYC

This year I learned to take time. Time to practice a long-forgotten or new skill, time to connect with family and friends, and time to just be alone in a place. I also learned that getting a daily bit of time outdoors is essential, that watercolors are not as easy as they look, that plants need less water than you think, and that yes, my dog can get tired of going on walks.

—Candice, Boston

Never has ‘Carpe diem’ resonated with me more. Talk about making the most of the present and giving little thought to the future, because you never know when there is going to be a global pandemic.

—Stephanie, NYC

This year I learned the value of a good therapist, a good meal, and a long walk. As arduous as the year was, it also gave me an abundance of time to commit to the things I love doing, and learn more about myself in the process.

—Mara, Jacksonville

We can’t wait to learn more together in 2021. See you in the listening room!