As Sofar returns to live shows, the safety of guests, hosts, and artists is our priority. For the latest information, review our COVID-19 guidelines

What Does the Future of Live Music Look Like?

What Does the Future of Live Music Look Like?
May 4, 2021

After over a year without in-person shows, music-lovers everywhere are wondering — what does the future of live music look like? We’re thrilled to have some answers and to return to doing what we do best, creating space where music matters. As we've started to reopen (!!!!!), take a look at what to expect.

All about independent artists

Independent artists now make up more than 40% of the global industry. As the internet has made it easier to share music, grow audiences, and continue music education, the industry has bloomed with artists who are pushing the boundaries of the industry, of their genres, and of the future of music.

All feels, no frills

In our year of Zoom meetings, concerts, dates, and events, it’s safe to say we’ve all acquired a greater appreciation for authenticity. In our work, our personal lives, in where we go for escape and where we go for joy — we’re all looking for something real, and it applies to the music and artists we love too. As shows reopen and live music returns to the stage this year, audiences are seeking out more unique experiences and raw, original voices.

Small, intimate shows

We’ve been doing the small and intimate thing for long enough to know that it works. And by “works” we mean it keeps audiences safe and connected to each other, to the artist, and to the moment.

Airy outdoor venues

Breezy open spaces are the name of the game in the return to live shows. Patios, backyards, rooftops, biergartens, you name it— concerts are coming outside and we’re not mad about it. (Pssst — have a killer outdoor space that’s perfect for an outdoor show? Get in touch with our team about hosting an upcoming Sofar.)

Sofar’s reopening!

Wondering when you’ll be able to attend a Sofar again? We’ve got good news. Shows have returned to select cities around the world starting this summer. Stay tuned for show updates in your inbox, update your home city on the Sofar website, check out our safety guidelines, and try not to cry watching our video celebrating the return of Sofar shows!

The future of live music is looking bright. Join us in welcoming back our vibrant community of music-lovers, independent artists, hosts and crew members around the world.