Video Roundup: Close Your Eyes and Imagine Yourself at These Tropical Shows

Video Roundup: Close Your Eyes and Imagine Yourself at These Tropical Shows
Video Round-upAugust 25, 2020

In need of an escape? Same. Let's be real — quarantine is hard and sometimes we just wish we could get away from reality for a bit. That's why we compiled these tropical Sofar shows from beaches and backyards around the world. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at any of these dreamy, swoon-worthy shows, and don't forget to check out the listening room every weekday at 3 PM EST for more stunning live performances.

Charlotte Fever | Sofar Paris


Great adventurers of French-speaking pop, marimbas, and synths, Charlotte Fever wowed us with this beach-side performance. Don’t miss this upbeat show or the stunning background!

Sole Ferraco - Onda en Gris | Sofar Tucumán

Get lost in the sweet melodies and green background from this charming show in Argentina.

Natália Carreira - Pertencer | Sofar Brasília

Want to escape to a backyard show in Brazil to the soft vocals of a talented singer-songwriter. This show is for you.

Jósean Log - Beso | Sofar Mexico

In the mood for a dreamy indie show? Check out this patio show from ukelele pop artist Jósean Log.

Neon Dominik - Lesbo Pleiades | Sofar Lima

Looking to add some LoFi hits to your day? Start with this smooth electronic show from a plant-filled backyard show in Lima, Peru.

Jacinta - Malaika | Sofar Kampala

Jacinta is a dynamic singer based in Uganda specializing in Afro-fusion, soul, reggae, R&B and gospel music. Her show in Kampala has us dreaming of easier days.

The Bombay Jazz Club - Blue In Green | Sofar Bombay

Want to relax to sounds of calming jazz and sights of tropicals greens swaying in the breeze? Don't sleep on this show.

Mali - Mango Showers | Sofar Bangalore

Steal away to a patio show in India, to the tunes of talented singer-songwriter, Mali.

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Header image is of Charlotte Fever from Paris. performing in Portugal.

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